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Where is the Internet used?

Who are they with?

What do they do?


Protection or Freedom?

Through a child's eyes

Section 2: Education

Who are they with?


Young people see digital devices as totally normal and why shouldn’t they? They’ve never known a world in which they didn’t exist.


When they are using new technologies they may be:

  • Alone (at school or at home)

  • In a physical group in a room (such as a computer suite at school)

  • In a virtual group (where the other people are on computers in other places – perhaps across the globe)  

  • In a virtual world (where the other people take the form of avatars. The task might be a real task or a game)


The ‘Eurobarometer Report’ showed that in the UK :

    32% of parents were worried about the possibility of on-line grooming

    41% were not worried at all

    Only 24% of parent in the UK knew that their children had seen something violent or sexual on the internet

    76% had no idea.

(Eurobarometer is a series of surveys regularly performed on behalf of the European Commission since 1973. Find out more at


We can’t ignore the fact that parents often don’t know what their children are up to on the internet.

See: (this is the European Internet Safety Portal)

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