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Where is the Internet used?

Who are they with?

What do they do?


Protection or Freedom?

Through a child's eyes


Through a child's eyes

We have no way of knowing how children see the internet

We may know lots about it ourselves but we can’t imagine it through the eyes of a young person

We came to it as adults – we really have no clue how children perceive it!

Do we know who our children are mixing with when they are online?

In the real world we take an interest and protect them. We should do the same in the virtual world.

This film, called “Where’s Klaus?”, compares the two attitudes:

People have many fixed ideas about the Internet and other new technologies. Some see only the risks whilst others seem to see only the benefits.


AOL has produced two simple videos which explore these two perspectives.

The Internet is a good thing -
The Internet is a bad thing -


These are well worth watching. Which side do you favour?
More importantly, as each film says as it concludes: “Discuss”


Part 2 of this document, “Internet Safety 2 – Education” looks at how we can approach educating young people to keep themselves safe.

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