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Where is the Internet used?

Who are they with?

What do they do?


Protection or Freedom?

Through a child's eyes

Section 2: Education


Risks in the Real World are clear
Climbing trees, road safety, ‘stranger danger’
these are all risks we understand.


Risks in the Virtual World are less obvious
We instantly think of paedophiles but the risks are wider than that.
The problem is that they are:



Difficult for an older generation to understand

It’s important to note that Internet safety is not just about paedophiles.
There are several safety issues, including:

    Instructions on how to make fireworks from household items

    Instructions on how to make bombs

    Promoting excessive slimming – anorexia, bulimia


    Groups which promote self harming

    Suicide groups

    Terrorist activity/persuasive groups

Young people are more concerned about cyber bullying issues and cultural issues than the rest.

It is also worth noting that children think they can spot a paedophile a mile off.

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