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Where is the Internet used?

Who are they with?

What do they do?


Protection or Freedom?

Through a child's eyes

Section 2: Education

Protection or Freedom?

Children will be children. It is natural for them to push the boundaries and take risks.

In the real world we have safeguards.

For example, at a swimming pool we have:



    shallow ends

But we also teach them to swim.


The Internet safety is the same. We need
protection (such as filters)

But we must also teach them how to be safe online.


Children will push the boundaries. They are not being bad; they are being children.

For example, these are all acronyms used in chat rooms:

    ASL           Age, sex, location

    ASLP        Age, sex, location, picture

    CD9          Code 9 - parents are around

    PAW         Parents are watching

    PM             Private message

    POS          Parents over shoulder

    POTS        Parents over the shoulder

    P911         Parent emergency

    FYEO        For your eyes only

    FYE           For your entertainment

    HSWM      Have sex with me

    KPC          Keeping parents clueless

    TAW          Teachers are watching

    WTGP       Want to go private?

    53x            Sex

    143            I Love You

It is important for parents to keep up with teen chat many are amused initially but get slightly more concerned as they realise what the coded messages mean.

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