‍The Great Age of Coaching

‍Before the railways, the only way to travel was by stage coach. It reached its heyday between about 1820 and 1850, by which time the railways had wiped out the entire coaching industry along with the canals. But what was it like to travel by coach?
You’ll be amazed.

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‍Can You Foresee the Future?

‍We live in an information economy. But the world has altered beyond belief. How did it change? Did anyone see it coming? And can past events help us to foresee what is to come?

‍This compelling section will fascinate you.

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‍For the past seventy years we’ve been able to treat infections with antibiotics - but it’s coming to an end. Soon, a minor scratch could be fatal - if you’re unlucky. What will the world be like without antibiotics?

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‍Education really needs an upgrade

‍Education systems across the world consist of content-rich curricula which are “delivered” to children who are sorted by age and tested regularly. It's a system was well suited to the industrial economy in which we grew up . . . but it’s now out of date.

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‍The Diary of a 20th Century Gentleman

‍Read my father's fascinating life story.

‍He was born in 1922 and grew up between the two great wars of the 20th century.

‍He describes a full life which includes Naval Service in World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Politics of the Late 20th Century. It’s a well-written book that you'll be glad you read.

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‍When the National Curriculum was written in 1989 we were often asked why we didn’t teach DOS "because that’s what children would be using when they left school”.

‍They’ve left now and they’re not using DOS. The subject they studied was called ICT but in 2014 it changed to Computing.

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‍The London Tube is amazing, but station announcements tend to be safe and rather dull . . . except at Baker Street that is.

‍You have to be lucky to catch him on duty but if you are, you’re in for a treat. 

‍ Watch him in action in this video.


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‍This cottage was built in 1732. It’s an old limestone cottage with a datestone that reads WF 1732 and it was home for 28 years. What a story it could tell if only its walls could speak.

‍Read what we’ve pieced together here.

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