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Coaching Days and Coaching Ways


Before the railways, the only way to travel was by stage coach. It reached its heyday between about 1820 and 1850, by which time the railways had wiped out the entire coaching industry along with the canals. What was it like to travel by coach. You’ll be amazed.

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(Also see: "Annals of the Road”)


“Education really needs an upgrade”

Education systems across the world consist of content-rich curricula which are “delivered” to children who are sorted by age and tested regularly. It's a system was well suited to the industrial economy we grew up in . . . but it’s now out of date.

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Can You Foresee the Future?

future exit

We live in an information economy. But the world has altered beyond belief. How did it change? Did anyone see it coming? And can past events help us to foresee what is to come?

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The end of Antibiotics?


For the past seventy years we’ve been able to treat infections with antibiotics - but it’s coming to an end. Soon, a minor scratch could be fatal - if you’re unlucky. What will the world be like without antibiotics?

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One Illegal Immigrant

We see them on the television, surrounding vehicles and trains in their attempts to gain entry to Britain. The newspapers stir up fear and anxiety in the British people. But have you ever met one of the young people who risk their lives in this way. We did, in 2015.

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Price Increase
“We’ve added 12.5% to your bill. We know you don’t mind because you’re British and hate making a fuss.”

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Buying a new car

Buying a new car should be a fairly simple affair. There’s so much choice that you just have to find the best deal. But these days there’s more to it than that because Driver Assistance Technologies have entered the mix.

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Our children use the Internet daily, They are far more comfortable in the online world than we are.

Find out about Internet Safety and the risks to young people here


STOP  PRESS: GDPR (don’t groan!)

It's driving me mad. Every website tells me how much it cares about my privacy (as if). Some allow you to turn off targeting cookies but many just list of all the organisations they sell your data to. The Times lists eleven iPad pages of them!!


Anyway, to comply with the law I need to tell you that there are probably some cookies on this site. They weren’t put there by me but the site is registered with Google and carries a few Google adverts so there are bound to be some. I’ve no idea what they are or how you would find them and turn them off. If you know, do tell me.



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