We are the people we’ve been waiting for

The world is facing huge challenges and they're growing daily in severity, scale and complexity. It's no exaggeration to say that they're not going to go away. Indeed they will get worse unless we can start to find solutions and find them soon. If we're going to survive we desperately need the next generations to be smarter, more adaptable and better prepared than any that have gone before.

The quote above contains the first words of a film entitled “We are the people we’ve been waiting for”. It sums up the problems which face us in the modern world and the film goes on to ask two questions: ‘Does our current education system work?’ and ‘Does it give young adults the skills and abilities needed to solve the world’s problems?’ 

It's a powerful, full-length film which looks at a group of children in Swindon and how the school system helps or hinders each one of them.

The trailer below contains the first six minutes of the film and it's well worth watching even if you have no intention of seeing the whole film. It covers the real need for new thinking in how we educate the next generation. Watch it now:-

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