Children's Eye View

What does the curriculum look like through the eyes of children?

As adults, we always assume we know best. We went to school. We learned facts. We passed tests. So we think that’s what our children should do. It’s just the way things are.

But children are more discerning than we imagine. This film was made by a class of students in America in response to a question published by Canadian businessman, Don Tapscott.

He posted an online competition which stated that, in his opinion, modern school curricula in all countries are no longer fit for life in the modern world, and he asked, “what should a 21st century curriculum look like?”

This entry is not so much a plan for a new curriculum, as a review of what is wrong with the current system. But, being through the eyes of children, it is an insight we should all enjoy.

I particularly like the notion that, “the future is coming, we’re going and you can come too.”

Incidentally, the film's title is based on American legislation from 2011: “No child left behind” (these links lead to Wikipedia articles and each opens in a new window).

In the UK, the same initiative was called “Every child matters” from 2003, which was largely in response to the death of Victoria Climbié, who was killed by her parents, having been failed by the social authorities who should have spotted the warning signs and ensured her safety. The initiative became law in the Children Act of 2004.

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