Education in the 21st Century

Photograph of a school child at the start of her school career.

These children are at the start of their school careers. What will the world be like when they leave? And will the education they are receiving equip them with the skills and knowledge they will need in the modern world?

One thing is certain - the world will be a very different place from the Twentieth Century world in which most of us grew up.

In just a few decades, Information Technology has changed almost everything we do. Our analogue world has become digital and everything from our cooker to our car is now computer managed.

Photograph of a school child at the start of his school career.

The consequences are enormous. Society is changing, as it once did during the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and we are now moving rapidly from an industrial economy into a knowledge economy.

It’s generally reckoned that most children in school today will be working in jobs that haven’t been invented yet - assuming that jobs even still exist! So how should we educate children for life in this new, unknown, world?

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