Welcome to the world of
coach travel

Come with me, back to a time when there were no engines …

“It’s 6 am and four chestnut horses with a good deal of blood about them are stamping their feet and seem anxious to be off.”

We shall meet the passengers . . . 

“The four ‘insides’ step into the coach while we climb up the ladder and take our places on top.”

… and the coachmen.

“Our driver is Tom Hennessy and, like all long-distance coachmen, he has a fame and status that he relishes.”

We shall learn about the coaches …

“Up they come up through the fog. The ‘York Highflier,’ the ‘Leeds Union,’ the ‘Rockingham,’ the ‘Stamford Regent,’ the ‘Truth and Daylight,’ and many more. Up they come with their lamps lit, all smoking and steaming, so you can hardly see the horses.”

… and we shall travel in all weathers

“We felt fine when we climbed on board, wrapped in our warmest clothes and with our hats pulled down tight about our ears. But before long we have lost the use of our hands and feet, and deep draughts of yellowish fog complete our discomfiture.”

Come inside and enter a world of travel from another time. Read living memories from the days of coaching and discover how the coaches and roads developed over time. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through a world before the railways came and changed everything.

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Background and Sources

Section 1 - Living Memories

Section 2 - The Age of Coaching

Section 3 - The Roads

Section 4 - The Coaches

Mail coach at high speed
Passengers waiting for the coach
Coach driver on his box seat
Coach and horses at speed
Mail coach travelling through thick snow