I also found many websites which covered the Coaching Age from various angles.

This page will list them in due course.


Section 1: Living Memories

Section 2: The Age of Coaching

Section 3 - The Roads

Section 4 - The Coaches


My Interest in Coaching

‍​The story behind this website and

Five Books

‍​Books written in the late 1800s

Down the Road

‍​One of the books

As Written

This London to Stamford journey as it was written. Enjoy the style of language and additional description of the Peacock at Islington

Coaching Summary

A summary of the Coaching Age from early to late


Websites about the coaching age.


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Anecdotes written by people who actually travelled on the coaches

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The coachmen, the inns, the coach proprietors - they’re all here. Come in and meet them

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Britain’s roads were pretty impassable for most of our history.  Coach travel was very difficult until they improved

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Wheeled transport evolved over many years. Find out how coaches developed

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Sources and information about how I came to create this website