‍The Tudor Period 1457 - 1603

‍When Henry the Eighth dissolved the monasteries, all of the road repair work - such that it was - that was being undertaken by the Church, stopped.

‍Parishes and landowners were given the task of keeping their ways passable. It wasn’t very successful but it’s all there was. 

‍Incidentally, Henry instigated the first ever postal service. It was for the exclusive use of the king and involved riders who would take messages to destinations across the country.

‍But the roads continued to be dreadful.

‍Although the country went through enormous religious turmoil during the following reigns of Edward VI and Mary I, swinging from Protestant to Catholic and back again, nothing was done about roads, even during the long reign of Elizabeth the First.

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‍The Tudor monarchs - Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I

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