Living Memory

‍The author of “Down the Road” begins with this explanation of his reason for putting pen to paper:-


‍As you whisk along to Scotland at forty miles an hour in your cosy first class carriage, with a foot-warmer under your feet and a copy of ‘The Times’ in your hand, do you ever stop to wonder what it was like in your grandfather’s time?

‍Your journey of 400 miles in ten hours used to take two days and two nights and you might wonder how he ever got through it, sitting outside on the top of a coach; or how cold he must have been on such a day as this.

‍Indeed, there cannot be many people now, in 1874, who travelled on a coach back in their heyday - 1823 or 1824. There may be a few, but, alas! how few remain to tell the tale. 

‍Fifty years is a long-time to look back, it is true; but the time has flown with incredible speed. 

‍I am one of the ‘old ones’ and I have seen many changes during my lifetime. The stage coaches and mail coaches have all gone now and I should like to put down for posterity some living memories before we are all gone. I should like to hand down some memories an age that would be a wonder to behold for you later generations who travel by electricity and steam.

‍– C.T.H Birch Reynardson


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