‍The History of Roads

‍These days we take travel for granted. Cars buses, trains and aeroplanes allow us to cross the country and the globe with ease. We travel for many reasons - military, business, social - but also purely for the love of travel itself.

‍It was not always so . . .

‍It seems incredible to our modern eyes, but after the Romans withdrew the roads of Britain became all but impassable - and remained so until the early 1700s! Only then did long distance travel on anything other than a horse become possible.

‍It was the Industrial Revolution and the need to move goods that drove improvement. But then things changed rapidly.

‍This section looks at roads and how they have changed over millennia and will set the Great Age of Coaching in perspective against the panoply of time.

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History of Roads



Ancient Trackways

Roman Roads

The Middle Ages


The Tudors

The Stuarts



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Tales of the Road: This section tells what was it like to travel by stage coach in the mid 1800s.

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Travel in England is inseparably connected to the state of our roads. This section looks at the history of British roads.

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Wheeled transport evolved over many years. This section looks at how coaches developed.

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