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Buying a New Car

Safety Technologies 2

Cars have always been expensive purchases but now there's an extra factor to buy into (or not) - safety technologies.

These are the driverless technologies which will one day give us fully autonomous cars They're being introduced to new cars right now. They don’t replace the driver; they make driving safer.

An increasingly familiar example is “City stop” where the car itself will apply the brakes if you don’t as you approach the car in front of you 

There are calls to make it compulsory on all new cars because it would save injuries and insurance premiums if every new car had it fitted as standard.

But as usual, these technologies are being implemented slowly, and they are usually optional (and expensive) extras, so most cars still don’t have them.

But now they've been invented, it seems very unwise to buy a car that doesn’t have them. So, needless to say, I want them all!

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