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Buying a New Car

Safety Technologies 2

Cars have always had different levels of comfort, performance and features, but now there's a new factor to consider - safety technologies.

These are actually the driverless technologies which will one day lead to fully autonomous cars, but they're being introduced to new cars right now - not to make the driver redundant, but to make driving safer.

Here’s an example: You're about to run into the car in front of you but don’t know it. Perhaps you’re checking your rear view mirror or - these days - perhaps you’re changing the radio on the car's touchscreen!

If this was a driverless car it would detect the situation and bring the car to a stop. But wouldn’t it be useful if every car automatically did that? 

It's a feature that's already available and there are calls to make it compulsory on all new cars because it would save lives and insurance premiums if every new car had it fitted as standard right now.

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